Bleeding emergency?
A haemostatic gauze applied directly to the source of bleeding to
assist control of bleeding in cuts, scratches, burns, incisions,
trauma and wounds of all kinds

Stop Bleeding FAST

Profuse, persistent or oozing bleeding and hard to treat areas can be the most difficult to treat. BleedSolv™’s unique three-stage process assists the control of bleeding anywhere on the body and conforms easily to any wound shape. BleedSolv™ breaks down to carbohydrates and water. No disturbing the clot and that supports healing.
Easy to use
All natural
Traumatic injury is life-threatening. Research (2010) shows 40% of trauma fatalities are due to haemorrhage and haemorrhagic shock and most patients who reach advanced care are suffering a clotting dysfunction when they die. A critical priority in first aid is to stop bleeding fast. BleedSolv™ - first wherever bleeding occurs.
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First wherever bleeding occurs